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Friday, November 16, 2007

Well, how many million times had we asked, where does SE pump money into? Prove of the high returns claimed.

And then what? We get people like "mlmlover" who juz do nothing but flame, flame, flame... Can't even get a decent reply. Now, after few months, still, no one had replied to our questions.

I've seen people in other forums shoot down a product, and worse thing is mod just closes it. Never ever in my life had I seen someone, or some company so fking boliao, childish to send people to forums to use guriella posting to flame people who try and expose them, or come in, say few "encouraging" words and vanish. So much for public relations.

James Phang deserves an Oscar for best director, best scriptwriter. Fancy bribing a mayor to pose as a minister to do groundbreaking for a none existant project?

Remember "Empire State Tower" in KL? One source said its at Jalan Rajah Chulan. I had already checked with my KL friend. He said that plot mentioned is very small, and unlikely to have a highrise tower built in it. Also it's far from KL city CBD. THEN, I saw another source which says it's at JALAN TUN RAZAK.

Wah, can shift the whole tower one ah? Any idea how much it costs to redesign a building, reapply permits and stuff? Planning permit, utilities diversion, etc.

Speaking of which, I can't find any info whatsoever about any of the so called SE's projects other than SE-related websites, blogs, etc.

I see them claiming to expand into fields like energy, tech, etc. Any idea the cost of infrastructure involved? A few millions. With NONE of the projects having taken off yet, why the hell promise the outrageously high returns?

I can see why James God and Father the Godfather Phang make people idolisehim. Its like how record companies plot out plans to make people idolise their singers. So that even if the guy makes a mistake, they'll surely be people who'll support them, say good stuff about them, etc. It's no longer a company. Most MLMs are almost cult-like.

Now it's under police investigation

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