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Monday, December 17, 2007

Is it that hard to organise small dinner with all my close friends? Sigh....

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Deviant Art meet ended at 11pm on sat!

I met with Nicole, Jiaman, Yingzhi and the gang at Mac at PS. Six of us, and I'm the only guy there then. LOL. Had breakfast there, then stayed behind to chope the seats.

Someone was up there at Atrium holding a sign which says "Dev Meet". HAHA!!! Like some tour guide or something. Haha!!! Previously someone was saying we're having illegal gathering, etc. -_-

So I went up with Jiaman, as mac is getting more and more crowded. Not enough place for everyone. Like we're going to flood the whole place or something. A small grp of them were already there. Tour group! Machiam "Welcome to Orchard Road" kinda stuff.

We virtually flooded the mac, the whole group sitting in one corner, with Yingzhi doing all the hyper stuff, self intros, etc. Reminds me of camps. U need a hyper guy to start the ball rolling. Some of them were quite an eccentric bunch. I felt young again. LOL. Most of them were like sec 2, 3?

Got to know Blithed, Jyochi, Mark & Anthony. Some funny stuff happened. I didnt know the 2 guys were twins, just thought they looked very alike. Kept on confusing them, and at times I was thinking, am I talking to the correct person? HAHA. Then jyochi shook my right hand with her left hand, which is kinda funny. Haha.

At mac I was like machiam antisocial, quite quiet. Jyochi and Blithed were talking very excitedly. Yeknom they all seemed very quiet, maybe cos of the generation gap? Hehe.. They left after some time as they need to go back to school. We decided to go Fort Canning. Was talking to either Mark or Anthony about army stuff. Typical guys talk. Haha.

We walked around randomly around the hill, before finally setting down on the top of the hill on some benches. Some of the photographers went to shoot, as the artists sat down and begun to draw. So like I was neither here nor there. Just chatted. And walked about. Haha.

Then Nicole's friend, Anna arrived. At late afternoon some people begun to leave gradually, and I'm the only guy left. Haha. So there were 5. Blithed, Nnasty, Arlejerlutos, and Havockid. Then, the concert started and we were screaming at each other like crazy.

It's sunset! Very nice for photography! We've been there for almost 4 hours and getting deaf from the concert. Had great time screaming, laughing, talking random stuff. Never had such fun in a long time.

Walked to Dhoby under the sunset light... where Blithed left. And we walked wrong way once in Park Mall, and the second time in Dhoby MRT. I was like "eh, what are we doing at concourse level?". HAHA! Supposed to head to Pepper Lunch for, eh.. DINNER. Haha! Had to go up one level again. Too engrossed in talking, that we automatically walked into the concourse level. When were walking to the concourse, some of us (ahem, wont say who) took some samples of brownies. They said it was fantastic, so when we backtracked, all of us took samples again. Haha! Then there was this talk of taking advantage of the situation. So kiasu!

We were to do it again. Kapok-ed some tissues and coupons from the waiter outside Pepper Lunch, only to cross over to Acia to eat. Haha! Like.. betrayal? The food was good, especially the beef and salmon. I was the only one eating non-rice. Chicken terrayaki ramen. Cost me 10 bucks, plus free flow of drinks and ice cream for 3 bucks more.

Very random, very funny... ahem, ahem... censored stuff? o_o hmm.. ahem ahem... nah. lol.
We almost nearly forgot to pay. HAHA! I bought a brownie from ePosh, was quite expensive, but since it's suppoed to be my birthday dinner, decided to buy anyway. Coff E Carmel or something. It was delicious! Very rich, and the texture was great! At this point, Yingzhi left, so only the 3 of us remained.

Decided to just take a stroll. From Dhoby we walked all the way to Orchard station, midway turned into Emerald Hill to escape the crowd for a while. As usual, lots of crap along the way.
We reached Orchard at around 11pm, that's almost 12 hours after we first started the meet!

Wanted a birthday dinner with old friends, but ended up meeting 3 new friends from the meal. :)

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Yesterday I went with my friend to recce some places for photography. First stop, Rochester Park, wasn't ideal, so my next plan was to go to see this abandoned house at Alexandra Road, it was sealed up, then to Alkaff Mansion. It too is not accessible.

It was a long walk from Alexandra Road to Alkaff Mansion. Along the way we passed by the Southern Ridges project, a masterplan project linking up Kent Ridge with Telok Blangah Hill and Mount Faber.

It's now under construction, and it's HUGE!!! Reminds me of the Millau Viaduct in France, the world's highest viaduct.

Millau Viaduct, France:

Finally we reached our final destination, at Mount Faber. It's a grand mansion, reminds me of the streotypical anime-ish English houses. Iron columns, masonry walls and an outhouse. It's a beautiful place. Can't post pics tho, a little secret.

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So my current blog is still underconstruction.

Alot of things happening lately. I'm going for job interview for my ITP tmr. It'll be at ar43 Designers at Bugis. ITP's only starting in feb and I can't wait!

Hope tmr, will be able to finally meet my new fren Nicole. It was her who gave me the attachment lead. Thank you!!! :D

Now I'm doing my detailed toilet layout. Submission is tomorrow!

ALSO!!! Tmr is the handover ceremony for SP Astro! Haha! Wonder who'll be the president! Coming up on saturday would be the DeviantArt meetup. After that, haha. Dinner!

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Well, how many million times had we asked, where does SE pump money into? Prove of the high returns claimed.

And then what? We get people like "mlmlover" who juz do nothing but flame, flame, flame... Can't even get a decent reply. Now, after few months, still, no one had replied to our questions.

I've seen people in other forums shoot down a product, and worse thing is mod just closes it. Never ever in my life had I seen someone, or some company so fking boliao, childish to send people to forums to use guriella posting to flame people who try and expose them, or come in, say few "encouraging" words and vanish. So much for public relations.

James Phang deserves an Oscar for best director, best scriptwriter. Fancy bribing a mayor to pose as a minister to do groundbreaking for a none existant project?

Remember "Empire State Tower" in KL? One source said its at Jalan Rajah Chulan. I had already checked with my KL friend. He said that plot mentioned is very small, and unlikely to have a highrise tower built in it. Also it's far from KL city CBD. THEN, I saw another source which says it's at JALAN TUN RAZAK.

Wah, can shift the whole tower one ah? Any idea how much it costs to redesign a building, reapply permits and stuff? Planning permit, utilities diversion, etc.

Speaking of which, I can't find any info whatsoever about any of the so called SE's projects other than SE-related websites, blogs, etc.

I see them claiming to expand into fields like energy, tech, etc. Any idea the cost of infrastructure involved? A few millions. With NONE of the projects having taken off yet, why the hell promise the outrageously high returns?

I can see why James God and Father the Godfather Phang make people idolisehim. Its like how record companies plot out plans to make people idolise their singers. So that even if the guy makes a mistake, they'll surely be people who'll support them, say good stuff about them, etc. It's no longer a company. Most MLMs are almost cult-like.

Now it's under police investigation

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I am Me

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